Thursday, August 8, 2013

Custom Ever After High Raven Queen Repaint (And eBay Woes)

Hello there!  Hope everyone's having a good week :).

This time, I'm taking a little more in depth look at my latest repaint, Raven Queen from Ever After High.

Ever After High Raven Queen DollEver After High Custom Repaint Raven Queen Doll
           Before                                                                         After           

I am still enjoying working on these dolls very much.  Now that I've completed the current releases in their default hair and clothing, I'd like to branch out with complete custom versions :).  I wanted Raven to have a heavy lidded look with sultry, smoky eyes and dark coloration.  I still believe Mattel missed the mark when it came to designing the default makeup for these girls.  Their eyes are much too small for such round, large faces.

She looked like this for a while, due to some unforeseen sick/pain days ;_;.

Ever After High and Monster High Custom Repaint Dolls
Clawdeen, Raven, Maddie, Cleo with base colors.
If it's appeared that my last couple eBay auctions have been wonky, it's because they have =_=.  I'm working on transitioning all of my custom doll listings to Etsy because frankly, I'm being eaten alive by eBay fees.    I post custom availability pretty much everywhere, though, so you should always be in the know of where they're listed :).

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