Thursday, January 16, 2014

Super sweet accessories and jewelry with clay molds from Padico

About a week ago, I came across the scratch building section of one of my favorite places, Hobby Link Japan.  I primarily use them for new figure and doll releases and, somehow, it never crossed my mind to browse their crafting goodies.

Air drying resin clay is something I've wanted to try creating things with for a while.  It's super soft, lightweight and dries with a hard, waterproof finish.  The two brands I picked up were Mermaid Puffy and Hearty, though there are other brands available.  I opted to get the white clay because each brand is easily custom colored using acrylics, watercolors, or inks.  I swirled a bit of paint in with the clay for the ice cream scoops to create a marbled effect and kneaded the color evenly to make solid color macarons.

Image of faux clay macarons and ice cream scoops
Faux macarons and scoops of ice cream using Padico molds and Mermaid Puffy clay.
While browsing the clay selection, I also came across Padico molds.  There are two types: soft silicone and hard plastic.  I prefer the silicone because it's much easier to pop out the molded piece.  If you swipe a bit of mold release (or baby oil) onto the hard plastic, the pieces are still very easy to remove.

Image of Padico Silicone and Hard Plastic Clay Molds
Padico Silicone and Hard Plastic Clay Molds
They have all kinds of cute molds available for making breads, macarons, ice cream scoops, cakes, and more.  They're the perfect size for making jewelry and accessories.

Image of Padico Silicone and Hard Plastic Clay Molds
Resin clay Blueberry Ice Cream and Pistachio Macaron, destined to become cute rings!
Padico also makes a decoden whipped creme, but I'm using plain ol' GE white silicone here.  I like the moist look and squishy texture once it cures :3.

I've already added a lot of my recently made items to the shop, which you can check out here.  These are some of the other items I've made for myself and have yet to list:

Image of faux resin clay foodImage of faux resin clay food
Image of faux resin clay foodImage of faux resin clay food
 Chocolate creme waffle hair pins, key lime tart hair pins, miniature ice cream cone earrings, and heart macaron rings.

I'm having so much fun making these items.  If I had half as much enthusiasm about making real food as I do for faux food, I'd be dangerous in the kitchen, haha.  Thanks for reading!

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