Saturday, February 1, 2014

Artist Shops You NEED to See: IndolentJellyfish Miniature Sea Creatures from Etsy

All of the time I spend over on Etsy listing, editing, and managing orders has developed a side effect:  Being bombarded with all of the awesome things artists create.  Sometimes, I just can't help myself and have to make a purchase.  From now on, when I make particularly epic finds, I'll be posting about them here in a feature.  This time around, it's the incredibly detailed, miniature polymer clay creations of IndolentJellyfish on Etsy.  They're an artisan from Canada who creates the most magical little sea creatures out of polymer clay with painted details.

I was absolutely elated to check my mailbox yesterday and find her package!  When I opened it up, it contained three of the tiniest jewelry boxes I've ever seen.

IndolentJellyfish Packaging
Tiny, hand drawn jellyfish and washi tape accentuate the cute kraft boxes.
I am completely obsessed with sea creatures, ever since I was a kid water and the critters in it have fascinated me.  I initially came across IndolentJellyfish's work through a post on Tumblr, where they were hosting a giveaway.  Once I visited the shop, I knew I couldn't leave empty handed.  The pictures can't even begin to hold a candle to the actual pieces in your hands.

IndolentJellyfish Dumbo Octopus Pendant
Dumbo Octopus Pendant
This tiny Dumbo Octopus is absolutely magical.  Magical, I tell you.  It's available in their shop for $14.00 USD on a 16" silver plated chain.  For a few bucks more, you can upgrade to a longer chain and sterling silver on all of their necklaces.  You can find out more about Grimpoteuthis here.

Blue Dragon Sea Slug Pendant by IndolentJellyfish
Blue Dragon Sea Slug Pendant

I absolutely could not say no to this.  I came across Glaucus atlanticus, the Blue Dragon Sea Slug, via a post on Reddit a year or two ago and have always found them to be the most beautiful little creatures.  The necklace is available in her shop for $36.  Here's the wiki page about these little cuties, and here's the real deal in motion:

Last, but certainly not least, let me begin with a bit of back story.  My boyfriend and I are huge fans of a guy on Youtube called zefrank1.  He posts narrated videos detailing 'true facts' about various types of animals (among other things).  One of these videos is called "True Facts About the Mantis Shrimp."

If you watched that, you know why I had to buy this:

Mantis Shrimp Pendant by IndolentJellyfish
"A mantis shrimp is a living fossil of the prehistoric clown that all modern clowns evolved from."
Plus, they can flick the crap out of things using their claws with the force and speed of a bullet.  They're pretty badass, to say the very least.  This pendant is available for $39 here.  If you want to learn more real facts about this angry little dude, check out this wiki.

IndolentJellyfish has many more creatures available in their shop including octopus, jellyfish, and squid to name a few.  Their shop (and work) is absolutely stunning and you will not be disappointed in your purchase.


  1. You are not helping me resist them XD

    1. As well you shouldn't! They're seriously the most adorable little things <3.