Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Majokko Shop! TINY PANTIES GIVEAWAY!

The Pure Neemo girls' blog over at The Majokko Shop is turning two!  To celebrate two years of magical cuteness, they're giving away some very special underpants :3.

Azone Japan Pure Neemo Gashapon Panties
Tiny pantsu!
These ridiculously cute doll panties are only available at special gashapon machines located within the Azone shop in Japan.  You can check out the details for the giveaway over on the Majokko Shop's blog.  Good luck with your entries and a special thanks to Heather!


  1. Hehe! thanks for the share!! Yeah, Gashapon panties... man... it's a good thing I don't live close to a machine... I'd be like, "Oh, the Neemos need more panties..." waaay too often, LOL.

    1. I saw a post about them on a figure blog a while back and thought it was just too cute :). Thank you so much for offering this giveaway, hehe, I entered, like, every way possible XD.