Friday, January 31, 2014

Toy Fiend Friday! Monster High Jane Boolittle Overview

Image of Monster High Jane Boolittle
Jane Boolittle and Needles
This week I'm taking a look at one of the newest Monster High releases, Jane Boolittle.  As a fan of all things dark, creepy, and a little spooky, I was really excited about a voodoo themed doll.  The fact that she comes with her own little voodoo doll sloth is just icing on the cake.

Her outfit is really cool, without being too flashy.  I really love the animal print, skulls, and bones.

Image of Monster High Jane BoolittleImage of Monster High Jane Boolittle

The one thing that annoys me, though, is that her feathered epaulettes keep falling off.  They're basically propped up and don't really grab on to anything.  Her color scheme incorporates all of my favorite colors.  I really love the blend of teal, pink, purple and red.  Her skintone is also very pretty, and will be fun to repaint.  It's a soft lavender with blue undertones.

Image of Monster High Jane Boolittle
Jumping right on the sloth bandwagon!
Her hair is also very nice, though I'm sure that ponytail isn't staying :).  It's made of soft fiber as opposed to the rough nylon most of the Monster High girls are rooted with.  It's very easy to style and combs out well.  I haven't decided how I'd like to repaint her yet, but I definitely want to stick with her jungle theme.  What do you guys think about Jane?  Have you picked her up yet?  Still looking?  Passing?

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  1. I've got this gal and I love her! Although nothing is loose on my gal... Maybe that issue is a doll by doll thing?

    1. Well, originally they were held down by clear elastics along with the necklace. Did you leave yours on?