Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dimensional Magic: Monster High Gil Webber Repaint

I finally had a chance to work on some long planned custom Monster High repaints this week.  A while back, I finally found the Target exclusive Dance Class five pack with Gil.  Gil is my favorite boy to repaint, I really love his sculpting and skintone.  It's just a shame that he's so hard to get my hands on!  This time around, I wanted to try out a couple of new techniques.

Custom Repaint Monster High Gil Webber
Custom Dance Class Gillington Webber, ~Sold
 If you take a closer look at this photo, you can see that the scales above his eyes are three dimensional!  This was achieved by using a special type of gloss varnish that dries with a raised finish.  It's called Dimensional Magic, by Mod Podge.  The formula applies a bit milky at first, but it dries crystal clear with a slight magnification property which really makes details pop.  You do have to be careful about air bubbles forming, however, but they're easily picked out with a dry paintbrush or popped with a toothpick.

monster high repaint gil webber
I also treated all of his fins with the Dimensional Magic.  Untouched, the fins are cloudy and matte, but once the varnish was applied, it really brought out a wonderfully translucent, almost wet quality which I thought was perfect for Gil.  I really hope that some day he'll have a more widely available release, but for now I guess I'll just have to stick to getting lucky!


  1. This was just a really cool idea!

    I love it!

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