Saturday, December 14, 2013

(Kawaii Machine) New Fairy Kei and Pastel Goth Inspired Bracelets: I feel the need, the need for beads!

Oh jeez, please don't leave.  I'm sorry, I wholeheartedly apologize for that title.  It was just... there.  I had to.

Oh, wait, look over there!  It's sparkly, cute, beady things!

For those of you who are still listening at this point, recently I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making custom beaded jewelry for the Kawaii Machine shop. 

In general, I tend to learn as I go.  If I hit a snag, I'll search through a tutorial (or six) to figure out the process.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I had handfuls of this multicolored sparkly stuff and knew I wanted to do something.

kawaii fairy kei watercolor beaded bracelet
Watercolor Butterfly Beaded Bracelet, $8
kawaii fairy kei seashell beaded bracelet
Pearl and Roses Beaded Bracelet, $8
I started out by making linked bracelets.  Each bead is hand linked with the next using silver plated beading wire.  That's a lotta clipping and wire wrapping.  Unfortunately, this also caused a pain flare-up throughout my hands and arms, so these types of bracelets will be one or two of a kind at most.  I simply won't be able to sit down and make very many of them at a time D:.

The next type I tried turned out to be much easier on my hands, and better for people who'd rather not worry about specific sizing.

kawaii fairy kei neon pearl and ribbon stretch bracelet
Pearl and Neon Stretch Bracelet, $4

kawaii fairy kei neon pearl and ribbon stretch bracelet
Paint Splatter and Pearl Key Charm Bracelet, $5
These bracelets are created by laying out a measured number of beads (usually 7-7.5" worth) in a design and threading a loop of stretch cord through.  Much, much easier on my poor hands!   I even made a few of the kind with the grosgrain ribbon for myself :3.  I did, however, have to teach my uncouth self how to tie a proper bow >_>.  Hint:  Use a fork!  For bigger bows, BAM!  Four fingers are basically a fork.

In keeping with the theme of my shop, all of the new pieces are inspired by colors and themes found in both Fairy Kei and Pastel Goth fashions.  I'm always on the lookout for new beads and ideas, so keep an eye on the shop for new items!

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