Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ever After High Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen Review

It should come as absolutely no surprise that I'm a gigantic fan of all things frilly, floofy, and sparkly.  I fell hard for the Ever After High concept and watched their news like a hawk; anticipation doesn't even begin to describe how I felt.  I needed these dolls!  Briar Rose and Apple White, which have already been repainted and rehomed, were my first taste of this line and I was dying for more.

Maddie and Raven
I may be a little late to the game as far as reviewing goes, these girls have been out for a few weeks now.  However, I wanted to expand on the idea from the point of view of a repaint artist, and point out specifically the advantages and disadvantages of customization later on in this post.

The bottom line is that these playline girls rival the quality and costuming of limited collector dolls that fetch many times their price point.  Other than Monster High, I can't think of a single line that even comes close to approaching the detail and design of these girls.

Madeline Hatter has been the girl I was frothing at the mouth over.  Her pastel hair and brightly colored dress were absolutely irresistable!

She's also very tiny compared to the other girls in this series, which is just ridiculously adorable.  I'm a short gal myself, so consider me biased.  The tiny gold flourishes and little painted gloves with cuffs absolutely make me squee.

Raven Queen, on the other hand, is not having any of your shenanigans.  The feathery details of her collar are even antiqued and shaded.   The iridescent sheen to her bodice is very pretty in the light, I love how it changes colors against the black undertones.

Each doll comes with incredibly detailed accessories.  Their rings, however, are loose and very easy to lose (say, if you snip the elastic off when it's not completely unwrapped and it sends the miniscule bauble rocketing across your studio; not that I have personal experience of crawling around for twenty minutes on my hands and knees or anything...).  Their shoes, clothing, and jewelry are just flawless.  They're incredibly well made for playline dolls.  In regards to their predecessor, Monster High, the bodies are much thicker.  Esthetically, I prefer this look, it's more realistic to me, while still maintaining a 'super deformed' cuteness.

As for customization, I absolutely love their face molds.  While these dolls do use the same mold for each girl, their faces are wide, with large set eye areas and pretty, defined lips underneath that pre-shaped eye and lip color.

 Apple White and Briar Rose, makeup removed.

As you can see from the above photos, their eye and lip areas are much larger than the painted shapes suggest.  Also, their eye shapes are not defined as harshly as most Monster High girls, leaving much more room for artistic liberties.  This means that underneath those decals, there's a wonderful canvas for customization!

 Apple and Briar, repainted!

I enjoyed customizing these girls very, very much.  They are extremely versatile, regardless of having the same mold.  With that being said, I'm off to start work on Maddie and Raven and I can't wait to show you the results ❤!


  1. yeah I managed to pick up at 4 of them since they were all at the justice. I really love their packaging. I love how thicker the bodies are compared to the MH's, I just wished the faces were a little more unique for each character. Like how the MH's are, but also in seeing repaints I love how better they look. Their factory paint just makes them look flat, and their concept drawings show their heads not being as wide as they actually are.

    I havent decided if Im going to collect these all like I did the MH's...I love those because Im a big horror fan and alot of the ways each girl feels so unique. I guess I have to wait and see what this line will end up having later on down the line

    1. From a collector's standpoint, I can see how it would be irritating to have all of the girls with the same face. Their factory paint doesn't do these dolls justice at all. These dolls are still so gorgeous, I just can't understand why Mattel went so blah with the makeup. I am excited to see what else they do, though!

    2. Yeah and i was noticing too, why is their lip color so thin for their faces...i just really feel that could have been thicker. I might just end up getting like...the initial release ones. Im not sure because I kinda viewed these like the Liv alice ones. So Ill see what they come up with.

  2. Your repaints are BREATHTAKING! :D I love what you did with them, and I also love their cute style and high quality. Great job! :)

  3. Wow, wonderful, wonderful face ups on these girls! Thanks too for the inside scoop on just what their faces are like under the factory paint.

    1. Thank you :). You're very welcome! They're such wonderful dolls to repaint!