Saturday, July 20, 2013

New designs at Kawaii Machine

These are a few of the adorable designs I've come up with recently for the Kawaii Machine Etsy.  I have so much fun creating these kawaii shirts and accessories, I can't even begin to describe it.  I'm so happy to have found a local printer that I can rely on for fast turnaround and stunning quality.  Every time I pick up an order, it makes me want to get one for myself XD.   

Aaaand... I usually do ~( .__.)~.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be able to do a real photo shoot with some of my products. 

Chibi Tiger Blood RAWR Tee, $19
My model, Amanda, was so incredible to work with.  She was kind enough to bring along her lights (she's a photography student, usually on the other side of the camera!) and I remember asking, "What's the Kelvin?"  When I got an immediate answer, I could have melted.  It was a uniquely gratifying experience, haha.  My life may revolve around kawaii, but I'm a geek at heart.

 Butterfly Dreams and Keys to the City Custom Printed Pastel Trouser Stockings, $13

These stockings may be my favorite accessories so far.  They're created from my original designs using a sublimation technique for a vibrant, all over print that won't fade.  The base I use is an extremely soft microfiber blend, perfect for sock skating across shiny surfaces :3.

Galaxy Lucky Kitty Tote, $18
Even tiny Bandit got in on the fun.  I had the pups corralled in the bedroom since we were moving all over the place, but they cried so much that eventually I had to let them in on all the excitement of these new people.  Originally Smokey, our other Chi, was in the bag, too, but he got so excited that I was afraid he'd wiggle out D:!  Luckily, Bandit is easily coerced into a cute photo by saying 'STICK?!' or squeaking a toy :3.

Cookie Bunny Tee, $22
This giant donut has been floating around my studio for weeks.  I bought it especially for the shoot, but I really can't wait to take it to the pool or lake!

For the background, I got a HUGE canvas drop cloth and spray paint in the prettiest pastel and neon colors I could find.  Did you know they make glitter spray paint (as in, it sprays micro glitter, not just a metallic color)?  I DID NOT, but now I do.  We live in a balcony apartment, so it was pretty funny to have this gigantic neon kitty draped over half of our railing to dry.  I had to do some touchups when I was finished and had it hanging inside, though.  The upside is that the fan I used to evacuate the fumes now has a lovely dusting of fluorescent pink on its blades <3.  I still have paint left over, too.  I asked the boyfriend on a scale of one to EVERYTHING, what should be turned pink.  He was nonplussed, but I think it'll grow on him :3.  I loved every second of this shoot and I can't wait to do it again!


  1. Im so glad that you enjoyed the shoot as much as I did! :) Love all the pictures!

    1. Thank you, dear! I'm already putting together another batch to work on again in the future :).