Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mewclops :3, the Kitty Cyclops

Ready to stare into the soul of onlookers!
Excuse me whilst I flail a bit over here.  I'm a crazy cat lady.  I love cats.  It's no secret.  But a PASTEL CYCLOPS KITTY?  Oh, yes.  Yes, please.

Both the BF and I are feeling under the weather today.  Mine's just coming on and his has a foot out the door (as it usually happens with couples =_=).  I doodled this adorable little guy up in illustrator while I was confined to my chair because the floor wouldn't stop spinning.  We were supposed to be joining some friends for a day of table top gaming, but since we're still newcomers to Nashville, we're catching all of the seasonal bugs (;- ;  ).  I rescheduled for a dolly playdate later this week when I feel better, though!

I've added tees and totes with this design in the Etsy shop <3!

These are printed using two different types of methods.  Flex materials (first and last photo) give a crisp, smooth, and vibrant image on any color.  The result is slightly raised, smooth, and feels a bit like vinyl.  Full color digital prints (like the kitty in the middle) are best on light color shirts and produce a vibrant, smooth image.

The new totes that are available are from Ecobags.  They're made of 100% recycled cotton and are very large.  They'll easily hold more than a grocery bag full of goods.

Mewclops Large Totes, $25
These are printed using the specialty flex materials.  The bottom two are printed with amazing metallic foil flex.  It's a true metallic material with lots of shine and shimmer :3.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  It's time to get back to the grind again tomorrow (~_~  )!


  1. Haha, go figure, the minute I stop following because there had been no updates XD

    Ah well, you're back, and I'm followin' XD

    1. Hah, I know right? Tumblr is great, but I wanted something that I could be a little more in depth with :).